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Please visit my ZAZZLE shop for t-shirts, mugs and other merch featuring my artwork and designs

Holy Ghost Fire_HRoe_2023sm.jpg
Southern Gothic

Southern Gothic themed artwork

Dans le poulailler_HRoe_2019sm.jpg
Courir de Mardi Gras

Cajun Mardi Gras themed artwork

Jolie blonde chante avec son papa_HRoe_2
Louisiana Culture

Louisiana culture themed artwork 

Louisiana Heron_Egretta tricolor_HRoe_20

Natural world themed artwork featuring plants and animals

Moundville Aerial_HRoe_2020sm.jpg
Native American Illustrations

Archaeology and Native American themed artwork

Satsuma Fizz Zapps HHJ& Pops roast beef_
Still Life

Still life paintings of food and other subjects

New Prints_Dec 2020_HRoe.jpg
Fine Art Prints

Limited editions fine art prints, signed and numbered by the artist

Cajun Fiddler_Number 1_HRoe_2012.jpg
Linoleum Block Prints

Limited edition hand-colored linoleum block prints

Crassostrea Virginica_2_HRoe_2020.jpg
Small Works

A collection of smaller works, mostly watercolors and drawings.

All we can do is smile back_HRoe_2020sm.
Broken Art Sale

Studio clearance of lightly damaged artwork for reduced prices

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