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Limited edition fine art print measuring 17" x 12", on Archival Matte Paper, signed and numbered by the artist.

Artists conception of the Moundville Site, a Mississippian culture site on the Black Warrior River in Hale County, Alabama. The site was the political and ceremonial center of a paramount chiefdom polity between the 1000 to 1500 CE. The site encompasses 185 acres , consisting of 29 platform mounds around a rectangular plaza and surrounded by a protective bastioned palisade. All rights held by the artist, Herb Roe © 2020. #moundville #nativeamerican #herbroe #mississippianculture #ancientamerica #indianmound #alabama #archaeologicalillustration #archaeologicalillustrator 

"Moundville Archaeological Site"

SKU: 0154
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